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Subjectall for sale or trade
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Posted byprofessional
Posted on10/20/03 07:18 AM

my other things i have for sale or trade. will trade for s series parts or performance parts for my 00 4.3 or something interesting.

1.hifonics series 8 plato 10 band variable
frequency equalizers. separate adjustable
bands for left and right. separate left and
right input and output gains. light gray
color. mint have 2, 100 each shipped.

2.poweracoustic ova 820 820 watt 2 channel amp.
2 ohm stable stereo 4 ohm mono bridged
great shape 80 shipped

3. brand new lasound 30 band single channel
equalizer/preamp. input and output level
controls. subsonic filter w defeat switch
equalizer bypass switch. breand new in the box
have 2, both for 80 shipped.

4. used ppi q bass control knob. for pc series
amps. with 8 pin 20 ft. cord. works 100% 40
bucks shipped

5. ppi powerclass pc series 98 style gray amp
spacer link. very good condition. hard to find.
makes 2 amps look like 1. 60 shipped.

6. ppi powerclass pc250. 100 x 2 @ 2 ohm stereo
great condition, have all original black plugs.
gray 98 series amp, looking for 150 shipped

7. eclipse 5341 cd player, good shape the volume
is stuck at 30 i think. wont go up or down.
i was told this is a easy fix, i have no time
to mess with it. best offer over 40.

8. eclipse ecd 412, worked perfect when removed,
i lost the power harness though. very good
condition. best offer over 40.

9. ppi psc 221 phase shift controllers. black in
color. work 100% have 2, looking for 70 each.

10. big chrome accuvolt fr 1500w. bought used on
sounddomain. i never used because it dont have the fuses. best offer sold as is. best offer over 100!

11. 3 smaller accuvolts. work 100% blue in color
looking for 100 each.

12. dream cast with around 20 games 4 controllers
and 7 memory cards and accessories. best offer over 100

13. ppi frx 456 4 5 6 way crossover. very awesome
unit here. front - mid bass, midrange and
high pass outputs. rear midrange and high pass
with rear fill level control and sub out with
sub level sub freq and sub sonic a
rare white color good shape not perfect 180

14. sony car minidisc player, mdx c7900 very good
condition. detachable face, d bass md-cd
changer controls. 40 watts x 4/ nice unit.
works 100%. will come with some mix md.
80 obo.

15. audio control esp 3 in salmon gray.series 1
with control knobs and cord.70 bucks

16. summit polished aluminium alternator pulley.
sum g3968 for v belt style. brand new
only opened to look at. best offer 20 bux

17. eclipse 3241 4 channel amplifier in white
100 watts rms x 4 at 2 ohm stereo very powerful
i would say closer to 200 x 4 real power.
have 2, in great condition. 170 shipped each

18. brand new in the box ppi pce 440 indash noise
gate. it is a rare 4 channel. 2 pairs of rcas
in and 2 pairs out. has 2 front control knobs
threshold level and expansion ratio. in art
series white. i have been using these for
many years. very useful piece. works great
to take out noise from crappy mp3s or cdrs.
could be the last one that is out there that
is new in the box, never used,wiring and
mounting brackets never touched.
would like 110 shipped. was like 400 new

19. 4 2000 s10 stock alloy wheels and tires.
come with the center caps and lug nut covers.
great condition. great upgrade for older
trucks. very good looking wheels. best offer over 200

20. set of 80s red camaro z28 wheels and tires.
5 lug 4.75 lug pattern. will fit on s10s or
blazers. very good tires. best offer over 100

21. panasonic cy vmd 9000u sold

22. maltese cross side view mirrors in bright chrome.
universal. NOT MOTORCYCLE MIRRORS, 60 shipped

23. set of aftermarket 2nd gen fenders. cut to lay 20s on the ground. 50 OBO

24. 85 blazer, 2.8 auto. needs carb cleaned or replaced. and some other minor work. clean interior, engine and tranny are good, execpt carb. does need some body work. has no grille on it right now but i have a new 93 grille i can sell. decent truck really.
just needs some work.

25. 91 s10 reg cab short bed. running 4.3 auto air tilt wheel.
has hydraulics on it. will sell with or without them.
have 4 pumps atleast 4 batteries. 10" showtime cylinders up front
14" showtime cylinders rear. bolt in bridge, power balls in the rear. mono leaf and 4" blocks. frame reinforced alot.
solid back glass and solid bed cap. needs some body work.
has chrome grille and bumper. pop up sunroof.

has rust on the bottom of the doors and a dented driver side fender. i can include a new fender and a set of rust free doors though. bed has some dings and dents but very repairable.

26. 89 s10 blazer, 2dr 2wd black, 4.3 auto air tilt buckets. solid back glass with no trim. has chrome 91 grille, chrome 95 toyota bumper and toyota valance. runs perfect. just needs some minor finishing body work and paint and a rollpan.

right now it is bagged in the front only with 2 2500 bags, big sanden engine mount compressor, 2 3way valves, 1 12 gal tank,
pressure relief valve and 1/2" line. have 2 bags for the rear.

will sell with or without bag setup. looking for 2k without.

28.also have 2 sets of chrome 17s
17" used niche bellas with 205 40 17 tires 700 OBO s10 lug pattern

17" new 2002 olds aurora chrome wheels W/ 205 40 17 600 OBO
5 lug 4.5 lug pattern

1 set of 1.5" adapters to put aurora wheels on a s10, 100 OBO

29. 2 15" volcano subs. very big magnets, can handle 1400 true watts each tested! single 4ohm. 200 for both.

[email protected]

SubjectRe: all for sale or trade new
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Posted bySlammed 87 Sdime
Posted on10/26/03 7:13 PM

Would u be willing to trade them maltese cross mirrors for a 1st gen s-10 sucided hood. Its has no rust, or dent, all it needs is paint. Let me know Chris

SubjectRe: all for sale or trade new
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Posted byBuddhaSmurf
Posted on10/26/03 7:43 PM

Would you be willing to part out the blazer if you cant sell it???

SubjectRe: all for sale or trade new
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Posted byshowtme
Posted on10/26/03 9:11 PM

What exactly are you inclueding with this suicide hood???Just Hinges or is it the hood and hinges??? I could be interested....

SubjectRe: all for sale or trade new
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Posted byprofessional
Posted on10/27/03 01:27 AM

what are you looking for?

[email protected]

SubjectRe: Slammed 87 Sdime new
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Posted byshowtme
Posted on10/27/03 06:50 AM

I am interested in your suicide hood. Please E-Mail me at [email protected] for the details.

SubjectRe: all for sale or trade new
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Posted byprofessional
Posted on10/27/03 08:33 AM

more pics are above.

[email protected]

SubjectRe: Showtime new
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Posted bySlammed 87 Sdime
Posted on10/28/03 00:23 AM

The hood and hinges. Check your email

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