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Subject92 bravada AWD v8 swap project
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Posted bycfabe
Posted on7/5/05 10:23 AM

I just plain have too many projects, and I no room for them / time to work on them! Decided to let this one go.

The car is a 1992 Olds Bravada. Originally a 4.3 V6, it was stolen and recovered and they took the engine, radiator, digital dash and smashed the rear window. Body and interior are in relatively good shape. Has the s-10 V8 swap corvette radiator and the window and digital dash were replaced. Some typical rust around wheel wells, but otherwise looks pretty good for the age. The engine that went in there first was a LG4 305 fed by a speed density TPI. It was pulled due to a rod knock. I have the makings for a complete engine to replace it.

The new engine is the 350 that came out of our trans am. As far as I know it's a stock 87 truck shortblock. This was the engine that we built the junkyard twin turbo setup on and ran a 13.2 at 112 on it, but it held togther and looks fine inside. The 305 that came out has an comp XE256 cam in it that'd be good with the TPI, which needs to be transfered, as well as all the accessories/oilpan/etc. The heads are World s/r Torquers which have just had new valve guides and a valve job done on them. They'll need to be assembled, I have all the parts.

It has an exhaust now that's workable, but it'd probably be better to get the conversion headers and re-do it with those. I used the LG4 manifolds and did a mandrel bent y-pipe with 2.25" into 3", then through a 3" Hooker aerochamber and exits before the rear tire. Those manifolds are a little small for a 350, but it'd work okay in a pinch.

Needs both rear tires (wont hold air for more than a few days), the fronts are brand new. I have a set of cooper cobras from my trans am on crappy AR wheels that I'd throw in for free, they have decent tread but they'd probably look pretty mexican.

It also needs a different oil filter setup, I used a summit remote oil filter kit and I think that's what killed the 305, Stealth Conversions sells an offset filter adapter for around $50 that lets you use a PF52 (the skinny lt1 filter) on it in a 4x4 s-truck. You might be able to use a short normal smallblock filter, too. Could probably also use the stock oil filter reloc setup from a 4.3L truck, too.

It is AWD, and it is a freakin blast in the snow. I almost got arrested for reckless op in the mall parking lot. I just don't have the time/space to keep it right now, unfortunately.

The electrical is kind of messy, I'd re-do alot of it if I were putting it all back togther myself, but it's all there and working. The ECM and dakota digital box needs to be mounted in the dash somewhere, it's on the floor right now.

When it was stolen they hacked up the heater box/core/floor to get at the bellhousing bolts. That's all repaired with junkyard parts, but the little plastic clip that controls floor blend door is missing, so right now it only blows heat out the bottom. GM wants like $20 for the stupid clip. I got one from a junkyard but I lost it before I put it in. So it needs that put in.

It still has the v6 transmission, which works perfectly. The LG4 was pretty wimpy, so it was fine. I do have a transgo shift kit that I bought from Mac to put in it when the 350 goes in. If you beat on it really hard, it'll probably need rebuilt eventually, if you drive normal, it'd probably last a good long while.

I'm not sure what I've got into it, probably close to 2 grand, I never keep track of car expenses. If I could get $1000 out of it I'd be happy. Offers welcome.

I'm sure anyone with the time/motivation could throw this together pretty cheaply. Like I said, AWD and even a weak 200-some hp was pretty wild. Think giant drifting figure 8s in 18" of snow in a mall parking lot. The cop that busted us almost got his crown vic stuck .

Pics are here

(Its the black bravada, the green blazer was our old V8 S-10 project.)

Email Chris at [email protected].

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