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Subjectfender/door gap
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Posted byLow88S-10
Posted on10/30/07 11:10 AM

Ok, so I had the buggy in my buddies fresh new driveway right after paint, and I was doing some stuff to the interior. We laid two 2x4's on the ground under the truck, and layed it down, cus he didnt want the brand new driveway top to get messed up, so anyways, I layed the front down as much as it would go, and then the back was still up some, well after a while I let the back down too, and after a bit I had noticed that the nice 3/16" fender to door gap had closed at the bottom and was now hitting the driver side door. The pa** side did it too but not as severe, we pumped the truck up and it opened back up some. So the question is 1.) why did it do that unless something wasnt as tight as it should have been and caused it to shift as the truck went down? 2.) could it have been frame flex? 3.) best way to fix this? aside from loosening all bolts and re-adjusting.

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