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SubjectChopped or just Dropped
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Posted bylikaroc13
Posted on9/9/10 3:34 PM

this is for Jeff...but for anyone lurking, i'm debating whether to use a '66 chopped cab that my dad had done back in the early 90's...he had ambitions for building a pro-street, but the project never took off...i have a rust-free 3" chopped cab that i could swap in place of my current cab for a "custom" look...or i could keep with the "original" classic look and just dropped suspension...either way, one cab would be sold to fund finishing the here's to Jeff so he can work his magic...other opinions are appreciated!

for a "original" custom look, i wanna lower my truck about 5 1/2" front & 5" rear...shaved fender emblem, original mirrors, & stock wheels w/ factory hubcaps...original looking 2-tone paint scheme (teal with white top & between trim)

my truck:
more pics here:

inspiration for original look w/ lowered stance:

original 2-tone paint scheme:

inspiration for paint color i would like:

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