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SubjectMiniTruckin article "Reverse 4 Link Suspension Secrets"
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Posted bysirgawain
Posted on8/12/04 6:48 PM

A few quotes from October issue, page 24:

"In the hard-core suspension world, some will tell you that a reverse four-link is unsafe and by nature cannot function correctly. However, CanDo Specialties in Oroville, CA, put this myth to rest. The CanDo reverse four-link was created about 4 years ago with the help of Brian Jendro. It is designed to provide enough lift so that you can remove the biggest rims you can stuff under your mini without any complication."

"Follow along as CanDo installed its weld-in reverse four-link, which has been tested to be 'safe and reliable with more than 60,000 miles on a daily driven truck to prove it.'"

Here's what AirRide says about reverse four links:

"What about "reverse" 4 links? What happens when you run the bars backwards?

NO NO NO!!! By the way, did we say NO?! It doesn't matter what the truck magazines say... DO NOT run the 4 link bars backwards! Here's what happens... When the top bars are run backwards, the diverging arcs of the upper and lower bars will create such a massive pinion angle change that under extreme amounts of suspension travel, you may actually pull the driveshaft out of the transmission! If you want to see this effect for yourself, get a sheet of pegboard and a couple of yardsticks... simulate the scenario for yourself. The second effect of running the upper bars backwards is completely screwed up handling dynamics. With a normal 4 link, when you hit the brakes, the suspension geometry wants to lift the rear of the vehicle... therefore trying to "plant" the rear tires and assisting the braking action. When the upper bars are reversed, this dynamic is eliminated or even reversed... when you hit the brakes the suspension actually unloads the tires thereby massively reducing available braking performance. This is not our opinion... it is simply physics.

We don't know who thought up this "backwards" 4 link stuff but apparently it was originally used to provide clearance for an airspring sitting on top of the lower bars that pointed to the front. The truck magazines picked it up, the readers took it as gospel, and the rest is history."

U.S. Gonzalez

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