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SubjectI've got an issue with my ROADGrater kit
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Posted bySPRKSHW
Posted on2/23/06 02:53 AM

It's not a really huge deal but its something I need to fix. So everything went together just fine until I got to the part where I had to attach the lower links bars to the crossbar that goes under the axle and then I find out that I can't get the bushings to slide in because the vertical pieces that are welded to the crossbar are not exactly perpindicular to the bar itself. I ended up cracking the sleeves that are inside the bushings when I put it together because at that point I was trying to get them in with a rubber mallet after trying to bend the vertical pieces with a couple crescent wrenches. Which I now realize how fragile they are and the mallet probably wasn't a good choice.

As you can see in the pic those vertical pieces are not exactly parallel to each other. I was kind of in a bind now because I had to get my truck out of the garage before the end of the weekend so that my dad's '49 could be put back in so I had to make it work. So my question to Tony or Jeff or whoever is what should I do about this. Do I need to return the crossbar and the link bars to ART to get them fixed/replaced or what? At the very least I need 2 new bushings for the links. I have a press but I am not sure exactly how they are assembled. I would be a lot more comfortable if I had a new crossbar that had those vertical pieces parallel to where the bushings weren't binding up in there. It is not exactly an emergency that it gets fixed because it's not my daily driver but I want to get it dealt with. Also keep in mind that I am about ready to buy the ARC4800e air management setup if that helps any. I would have just called but I don't really have anytime during the day because of work.

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