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Subject1985 nissan 720 new
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Posted bysuperman31
Posted on7/13/10 8:55 PM

the last time i wrote in this it was about my f 150 and u helped me out alot.
well i have decided that the ford is gone stay stock for now cause i aquired a 85 nissan 720 extended cab and im goin to make it my project. but heres the questioon where can i find aftermarket parts for it like a billet grill euro headlites clear corners and tailites and also suspension parts like spindales ive been lookin around and had no luck with it the plans for it is a bag and body drop of 4 inches if possible and maybe chop the top down a little to well thanks for the help
the one and only SUPERMAN

SubjectRe: 1985 nissan 720
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Posted byJeff
Posted on7/14/10 2:35 PM

T-rex phantom billet grill p/n 20790 but not sure if that is still in production. You can also buy one from a larger vehicle and cut it down to fit.

Belltech drop spindle is p/n 2005

Headlight is a standard 4x6 size, use a conversion lamp that uses a standard H4 bulb such as these:

Another option for headlights is to use 1987-1990 Caprice one-piece headlamps, that was a popular mod in the late 80s and early 90s.

I've seen clear corners, but don't know any current source for them. Try checking ebay they might pop up occasionally. You could shave the corners and do something custom with the bumper, since the stock one is 3 piece you could cut that up and shave it or swap a Toyota bumper.

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