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Subject'93 S-10 lowered suspension help
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Posted bylikaroc13
Posted on6/6/11 2:28 PM

okay, i'm a mini-trucker again...i pulled the trigger & bought this pretty nice 1993 ext. cab to be my daily driver...that means i can now send the old VW Cabriolet on it's way...but as for the truck, i was told it has 2" spindles/springs up front...but i know it's dang low, so i'm looking for opinions from you guys...either the frame or crossmember scrapes when i cross the speed bumps coming into my apartment complex...does it look like a 4" drop to you? it's also running a 225/50/16 tire, so i know that factors in as well...i was contemplating raising it up an inch...but is there any way to know for sure if i have 2" springs?

second, let's look at the doesn't sit quite as low...i had thought about maybe a taller tire in back, but that won't allow for, maybe i'll just look into dropping it a little more to minimize the gap...i was told the rear is leafs & the leafs look like 3" drop leafs? and what size blocks do these look like (2"?)?

i'm just wanting to make sure i have my stance right before driving was a little rough up front coming home, but i realized they never trimmed or replaced the front bump the frame is literally riding on them...i'll have to fix that too...anyway, any help is greatly appreciated! and i'm glad to be back in the game for a little while

other detailed pics here:

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