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Subject1996 Dodge Dakota
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Posted byJim Gasser
Posted on8/10/11 6:46 PM

I am in the process of lowering my 1996 Dodge Dakota rear leaf springs. I switched out the stock springs to a lower and shorter profile leaf spring. I moved the rear shackle mounts forward 6 1/4" and up 1" to accomodate the shorter spring (from 54" to 48" length) I am also moving the front spring mounts up 1" or possibly more to lower the frame. I will have to trim the top of the mounts so as not to protrude through the floor. I will also c notch the frame to allow enough axle travel. The c notch will be reinforced by boxing the frame in that area. My question is, has anyone done anything like this.
I know the pinion angle will have to be checked when the body is lowered onto the frame and all the weight is on it.

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