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Subject40 in gumbo mud tires
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Posted by1low91s10
Posted on4/18/04 3:48 PM

I need to know websites that sell 40 in mud tires. my bro needs him for his project asap, so any help would be appreciated

RICE project - 96 Civic - Air lift bags, black widow body kit, aerogear hood & fenders,custom yellow paint, 18s,custom interior. In storage I love WI :( I need to sell it asap!
Daily -01 blazer Extreme - goodmark cowl hood, 4 12 in fusion subs, 1 amp, 2 1.5 fahrad cap, 1 ga wiring (plans - drop, rims, perf upgrades)
Other vehicles: Lowered 86 mazda B2000(i own it but bro drives it(selling this wreck!)
90 crx Si body kit, 17s, dropped, minor bolt ons
91 s10 5-6 drop, chrome 15s, rust and dents
90 mazda b2200 no motor but awesome body!

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