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SubjectRim suggestions please
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Posted bySublvr72
Posted on12/21/06 11:59 PM

Alright...I like the way the chop came out on my lincoln. I am getting ready to buy some 22's and possibly bag the beast. Now I need to find some cheap 22" rims on a budget. I would love to have a set of billet intro's but I just don't want to invest that kind of $$$. (sorry Bryan) The wheels chopped on my car are Intro Rallys. I am looking for something similar with a wide lip, and I prefer to have a wider back rim although that is not necessary. I am trying to find a set of rims for under $1500. With a polished or chrome finish, in a 5 spoke design.

Now I know that most of the wheels in the price range are not going to be what I am looking for but I am asking you guys to help show me some options.

So far I have found theses for around $1000

Do you guys have any other ideas or suggestions on wheels? What do you think of the 3 above, think they will look ok on the 69?

Here are chops with the first two choices.

Does anyone else know of any other rims in my price range that might look good on the lincoln?


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