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Profile for 94ChevySS-10

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Name  Todd B
Total Posts  827
Occupation  Rental shop manager
Hobbies  Trucks, Heavy Metal music, sports (Pittsburgh Steelers) pretty much anything to do with metal!!
Location  Wyoming, center of hell!
Bio  I have been a truck freak since I got my first truck at 15 years of age ( I am 40 right now). It was a 78 Chevy LUV pick-up. I made it into a show winner from 88-94 and I still have it. Needs to be rebuilt up to date, but I am working on a 39 Chevy sedan that my Grandfather (R.I.P.) willed to me. Future plans for the SS are rear wheel disc brakes and maybe 18's. I now have a 94 Suburban 4x4 for winter driving so I can park the SS. Of course, I will be doing some mods to it also. So far I have put a set of Colorado Custom 17" Hancock rims and a billet grille. I have also built a 84 2wd S-10 Blazer and a 88 GMC Xtra cab 2wd Dually. I LOVE chevy trucks!! Stay Low!! Check out my webpage (in my signature) for pics of all my rides.
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