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*best amp to run 2 or 3 way focal utopia separates???y2klimited  3new1/9/04 08:44 AM
*svc or dvc sub better??lernone  2new1/9/04 08:37 AM
*1st-can i run 1 channel to one voice coil and the other channel to the second voice coil of the same sub, 2nd-how do u bridge a 2 channel amp into 1 channelshutupnow  10new1/8/04 06:31 AM
*Bed Cutalfredo  8new1/7/04 10:59 AM
*Changin polarity with relays...93dak  4new1/6/04 9:41 PM
*Interior Rattles1buda  4new1/4/04 7:41 PM
*dash swapsLow88S-10  1new1/4/04 01:05 AM
*fiberglassing my door skinslernone  2new12/30/03 10:58 PM
*Hooking Up 4 Subs to 4 Channel AmpBigDogs98F150  4new12/29/03 11:30 AM
*can someone explain this ohm, bridge, parrelel and series stuffshutupnow  2new12/21/03 10:12 AM
*just wondering, what is a bed cutshutupnow  1new12/20/03 09:45 AM
*good components?pucancakes  13new12/17/03 3:39 PM
*Audiobahn Alum10QShowhoe  2new12/15/03 12:44 PM
*anyone use these for door jamb wiring?pucancakes  1new12/15/03 11:51 AM
*wiring questiondumpt92  1new12/11/03 9:52 PM
*door panelhighlow87  1new12/10/03 1:11 PM
*Audio QuestionBuddhaSmurf  2new12/8/03 5:14 PM
*Post deleted by highlow87highlow87  4new12/8/03 10:18 AM
*Post deleted by highlow87highlow87  1new12/4/03 3:35 PM
*question about installing a console20inchchrome  2new12/2/03 10:14 PM
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