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SubjectCompressor kit
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Posted byBProctor
Posted on12/20/03 6:54 PM

I bought this back in March or April, never installed it...

It's product number 27541CD on (I got it through Innovative though).

Parts are as listed:

Air Lift 450 Compressor
1/2" Lines
5 Gallon Tank With Eight 1/2" Ports
3/8" Orifice Solenoids
Dual Needle 150 psi Gauge

You can get it for $1,221 through them, mine's brand new as well (everything is in it's package, unopened....everything but the tank and some hoses that don't come in a bag. However, they're taped up and everything so they're not flying everywhere in shipping.

I bought an engagement recently so I'm turning around and selling this to pay for *some* of that. Now, that's the price for the system through that site, you can easily find it cheaper elsewhere, and still cheap through me, private message me with offers if interested.

'94 GMC Sierra stepside, flowmaster exhaust, billet grille, ram air hood, SS mirrors, rollpan, shaved tailgate, clear corners, platinum guages and billet shifter.

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