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SubjectFACTORY GM alarms/keyless entrys for sale...
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Posted byCoop
Posted on3/7/04 10:48 AM

I have come upon a boat load of GM factory alarm systems. Some of them are just alarm systems, some are alarm systems that wire into your existing keyless entry system to make your keyless entry a full featured alarm system with a siren, and some are full featured keyless entry with alarm systems. The ones that come with remotes are GM REMOTES!!! Pretty cool if you ask me. You can put these in yourself or pay a shop to do it, most will, like- Circuit City, Best Buy, and local mom/pop shops. Here is a run down of what I have:


GM VSS 2000 - this is a very basic alarm. It passively arms itself when you close the last door. Has door trigger and parking light output also. Or you can program it to arm with the push of the valet button. $25 shipped. I have 5 of these.

GM VSS 2100 - same as the 2000 but this has the starter kill feature. Disables your starter wire so your car can't be started with a screwdriver or whatever. $35 shipped. I have 1 of these.

GM VSS 2200 - This is a full featured alarm system without keyless, stand alone system. Has door trigger, parking light output and a shock sensor. This has the FACTORY GM remotes. Remotes say, ARM, DISARM and have the little red horn button for panic. Has a multitone siren. $75 shipped. I have 5 of these.

GM VSS 2300 - This model is the same as the 2200 model with the addition of starter kill option. $85 shipped. I have 1 of these.

GM VSS 3000 - This is a full featured alarm system, with door trigger, parking light output, and shock sensor. Has keyless entry built in. Comes with 2 GM factory remotes with Lock and Unlock buttons along with the little red horn button for panic. Has a multi tone siren. $120 shipped. I have 4 of these.

GM VSC 3200 - This is a cool one. If you have factory keyless entry. Doesn't even have to be a GM vehicle, you can use this unit to turn your factory keyless entry remotes into full featured alarms with door trigger, multi tone siren, and shock sensor. Very easy to put in, just ties in with the factory unit. $100 shipped. I have 9 of these!

GM VSC 3400 - <---NBS TRUCK OWNERS---> This is an awsome product. I know it will work with the new body style GM full size trucks/suvs, might work with the other newer GMs too, I'll have to find out. With this you get a module and harnesses that you plug into the body control module under your steering column. Basicly you just drop your lower dash(2 7mm screws) and unplug these 3 plugs, plug them into this unit and then plug the plugs out of this unit back into the body control module. Hook up a couple power wires coming off the side of this unit and it turns your factory keyless entry into a full featured alarm! You can opt to hook up a siren or just leave it to honk your horn. Very easy to install!! Have an alarm with door triggers and shock sensor in 30min on your truck! $160 shipped. I have 8 of these!!

GM VSC 4000 - This is a full featured alarm much similar to the 3000 except that it has the relays built on for dome light supervision and trunk pop. Also has door trigger, parking light output and a shock sensor. You can use the trunk pop wire for other functons other than trunk pop if you don't have a trunk. Has the factory GM remotes with it also. Along with a multi tone siren. $140 shipped. I have 1 of these.

These are all brand new in the box. The remotes that come with the ones that list a remote are the SAME remotes that GM uses when they give you remotes for keyless entry etc. They say GM on them. I accept money orders, cashier's checks, or personal checks(must hold for 10 days to clear). If you pay with cashiers check or M.O. I will ship out within 24 to 48 hours of receiving payment and will give email when I receive and when I ship. Hurry, I know these won't last long. email- [email protected]

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