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Subject20s w/ Gforce tires $1200
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Posted byDesiredVisions
Posted on3/10/04 06:20 AM

These Rims are Enkie Tazio Rims(Chrome Plated Aluminum)_____
with Gforce Tires with 3000 miles on them (Drove from Vegas to Maryland)

These are Front Wheel Drive Rims,Not sure what the lug pattern they are but I have Adapters to Fit 5on135 (97-2002 FORD F150,EXPEDITION,NAVIGATOR, ECT)The Adapters fit Tight,could use 1 or 2 lug studs replaced

These rims have been on my truck for 6 years with no problem.there not in perfect condition,some crome peeling on inside of rim some scracthes little dings but no chrome comming off the face.I would like to Sell them locally Marylad Area. But if you want them I can find out how to ship them.
I had them on my 97 F150 then on my 97 Expedition now I have an 04 Expedition with 6 lug
you can E-mail me at [email protected] if you have any ?s

SubjectRe: 20s w/ Gforce tires $1200 new
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Posted bySeaCreaturez
Posted on3/22/04 7:05 PM

what condition are the tires in, what size and what would yous ell just the tires for?

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