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Subject94-97 rear bumper and bumper end caps [cheap]
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Posted bychippies
Posted on5/30/04 12:42 PM

since i put my rollpan on, i have no need for these parts anymore, and wouldn't mind getting them out from under my deck. the bumper has a dent on the drivers side and a matching paint gouge that continues to the middle of the bumper, nothing big, but i thought i'd post it incase you guys need one, or know of someone who needs a junker bumper. the end caps are in mint condition. to preserve this condition, i covered them with a shitload of dirt! all kidding aside, they are in excellent shape, if you need me to, i'll wash them down and take a picture.

i'll take offers on them, not looking for much money, just enough to motivate me to get them shipped out (oh yeah, buyer pays shipping).

let me know, or fire me an email at klippenn[AT] (where [AT] = @)

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