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Subjects10 power heated sport mirrors painted summit white + colormatched grille with SS bowtie.
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Posted by97s10 4.3
Posted on7/17/04 10:12 PM

had the mirrors on my 01 blazer and 03 s10 so i know for sure it fits 01-03. painted summit white, check street scene equipments website for application on years.

the mirrors were like $250 when i bought them back in 01. i think they can be had for cheaper nowadays but dont forget theyre already painted white so if you got a white truck its a steal.

also have a colormatched 98+ grille, its painted white and includes a red n black SS bowtie. it was a genuine gm grille, not aftermarket. i think i paid $150 for it then extra to have it painted and for the bowtie.

i want $160 for the mirrors, $160 for the grille or $300 for both. this will really make your s10 look better that the crappy black/chrome grille and big black dumbo ears.

Blake a.
2003 white S10 RC/SB
4.3, auto, 3.42 posi, zq8 suspension, [email protected]

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