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SubjectFS: Dropped '93 Dodge D-150
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Posted byLoFrontier
Posted on1/19/05 08:36 AM

My Ram and I are parting ways. Going to a Pathfinder for the daily driver.

'93 D150, 318 CI Multi Port FI V8, 157k miles and still running STRONG. Never had an engine problem with this truck!

Mods: Rear disc brakes, flipped axle for about 6" of drop, air springs in the rear - mostly just for towing. Drop coils up front.

New stuff in the past 3 years: Radiator, water pump, complete front end rebuild (new bushings, ball joints, brake pads, calipers, rotors, wheel bearings, hard lines, rubber lines, inner & outer tie rod ends) New U-joints in driveshaft & pinion seal.

Other stuff: 2" receiver hitch, trailer brake controller, CD player. Comes with a pair of studded snow tires on rims if ya want them.

she's not the prettiest truck but she's solid and reliable. She's had damage to the passenger side twice. The first time was fixed at a body shop, the second time was fixed by myself. I replaced the door and welded in a new rocker. I painted it with color match rattle can. Not a professional job but it serves its purpose. The tail gate is stuck in the up position. There is a little rust in the tail gate, bed floor and passenger fender. Not bad for a '93 though.

At the moment the truck needs a muffler, center link and possibly an e-brake cable or two and front shocks to pass inspection. I can have that stuff done before the sale.

I've driven this truck all over god's creation and wouldn't have any reserves about driving it coast to coast. She's never let me down and she tows real good. She gets about 14mpg town/highway and about 11mpg towing a trailer with a truck on it.

The truck was bagged but I took the setup off of it. I'm leaving the rear bags hooked up to a bike valve so you can use them for towing.

I'm looking to get $2500 for the truck but I'll definately take offers.

bunch of pics at

drop me a line at [email protected]

The truck is in Pittsfield, MA 01201 zip code

I am the anti-rice!

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