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SubjectF/S *1972 Chevy C-10 Suburban* **REDUCED**
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Posted bySublvr72
Posted on5/5/05 6:38 PM

1972 Chevrolet
C-10 Suburban
2wd 1/2 ton

I am gonna regret doing this, but I really don't have time for this truck. This vehicle is for sale locally and believe me I have well over $10K invested into the motor tranny and suspension. This is a rare 3 door suburban and there are not too many of them around anymore. It would make an awsome project for someone to finish up. I have already done work on the driveterrain and suspension. The motor was rebuilt and now has less than 3000 miles on the rebuild. The new motor was put in in May 2001 at 60820 miles. The tranny was replaced at 62080 miles in April 2003 and now has less than 2000 miles on its rebuild. The suspension is all new and has less than 1000 miles on its rebuild.

Ok here it is, under the hood is a freshly rebuilt 350 motor, HEI distributor, edelbrock polished intake, edelbrock 650 cfm carb, long tube headers, new Flowmaster 3 chamber dual exhaust, new battery, K&N 14x6" element air cleaner with chrome lid and base, edelbrock valve covers. The tranny was installed after the motor and has less that 2000 miles on it. The shifter has been moved from the column to the floor throught a B&M racheting truck Mega Shifter. It has racheting action for percise rachet shifts. The interior has new black carpet in the front, and freshly re-carpeted cargo area. The temp gauge has been replaced with an Autometer sliver procomp series temp gauge fitted in the factory bezel. The Suspension is new and has been rebuilt when I performed the 1/2 ton conversion. The factory control arms have been fitted with new Ball joints, bushings, tie rods, in addition to the 2 1/2" dropped spindles. The Axle has been rebuilt with new bearings and ring set, and it has fresh u-joints. This truck has a custom gas tank that starts at the rearend and goes all the way out to the rear bumper, I would estimate it to be in the 40-50 gallon range. The wheels are 15x7 Chevy alloy from a 95 Silverado, the front drivers side tire is the spare, the other alloy is in the back of the truck. The tires are Michelin 235/75R15 and have decent tread remaining. This truck has been my project since I was 16 and I have not even touched it in the past year. Unfortuneatly with work and school I wont have time for it, and I would love to see it go to a good home where it will be worked on and completed, rather than just sit and collect mounds of dust. This truck was a Custom Deluxe 20 with all power options: steering and brakes. I replaced the master cylinder when I bought the truck, when I did the suspension I installed new rotors and pads. If this truck does not sell I will be parting her out, but I would rather see it go to a good home and be completed. It is located in Sunny Southern California, and I can take more pics upon request. I also have all reciepts from this truck dating back to Sept. 2000.

Now this is what it needs-

They body needs a little attention here and there but nothing too major. There is a hole in the roof where the previous owner installed a RV style vent. The vent has been removed and I have tack welded a plate in and filled it to prevent it from leaking. The interior needs to be finished, there is no carpet in the second seat area and there is no headliner. The window rubbers need to be replaced on the whole truck, I had intended on replacing all of them after the body and paint were finished. This truck has minimal rust being a CA truck. It does have a little through rust in the rocker area as well as a small spot on the pass side wheel opening. This was an A/C truck, but the condenser and compressor are missing as well as the A/C ducts under the dash. The truck is pictured with out the rear coils installed, they will be put back on. The fuel gauge is not currently working due to a loose wire.

I forgot to mention, the VIN number on this vehicle is for a 3/4 ton suburban. That is because I did a 1/2 ton conversion on this truck with parts from a 71 1/2 ton suburban, and everything was replaced or rebuilt on the front end except the control arms. The rear end was rebuilt when Installed and has new seals as well as 3.73 gears. The speedometer is currently off by a lot because I have not had a chance to change the speedometer gear in the transmission.

I am asking $3000

*REDUCED* $2500

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