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Subject76 crew cab chevy shortbed, stock floored lays on 22's $6000
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Posted byboilermaker1
Posted on10/12/05 1:48 PM

hell I don't even know where to start!! The truck was taken in on trade for some work and parts. Truck is titled as a 76 Chevy, the cab is a 86, bed is from a 76, and the front clip is 91 burban. Truck is stock floored and Z'ed to layout on 22's. Full 2x4 chassis from firewall back. Truck was built buy the guys from Killer Ridez in TX. Rear suspension is a two link with trac bar. Frame is cool as hell, lots of trick tube work on the body mounts and suspension stuff!!! Front is all new balljoints, bushing, etc. The paint on the truck is ready to roll for a cruiser and driver truck, but there are a few dings and a crack in the body work where the stake pockets where shaved on the bed. With a few hundred bucks of body work its would be ready for any magazine. The truck does not have a hood on it but I can do a Goodmark steel cowl hood for $400. Truck also needs a front bumper. All the grille shell, and front parts are in the cab. Also the glass is all there, side windows are in the doors, rear glass is inthe cab, and I got brand new windshield for it. Truck also is missing all the interior pieces except the dash, guages, and dash pad. You'll need a donor truck or buy new peices. Dash is painted but the pad is not. Firewall is completly shaved and tubbed for 22's. It is not painted but do as you wish with it. Truck is setup with 2600 Firestone all the way around and is temp setup with copper tube and schader valves. Truck is completly shaved and is the paint is based already in Chevy Hugger Orange.Truck has huge ragtop in it, but the hardware kti is missing( $70 kit from Streetbeat), There is also NO MOTOR AND TRANNY
I know there is stuff I am leaving out but jsut ask if you got any questions

Price is $6000 and its located in Coolidge, GA

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