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SubjectBagged & Suicided Dakota 4 SALE!
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Posted byDragin' Dakota
Posted on10/17/05 2:21 PM

I am selling my 97 Dakota Extend Cab: because I'm pretty much done customizing it & I need space for new project(s)

It has been featured in Truckin Mag.
It has 31,500 miles on it, 2000 on the 20's

Suicided Doors, Totally shaved, Tubbed Bed, Custom Paint, v6 w/ Chrome

White Pearl w/ Red Kandy Flames, White leather seats w/ red velvet flames, 20" chrome giovanna anzio rims, the bed is already body dropped, the cab just needs to be done (the bed is spaced up, so it appears to look normal)

too much to list, check out our club's website for a whole mod list & pictures.

e-mail with questions and offers.
I'm not listing a price, because it's hard to judge what it's worth. I don't have to sell it, but it would make life easier if I did, however I've probably got a rough idea of what I'd let it go for.

Kyle Braun
[email protected]

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