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Subject22" Intro Ram 6 - clearcoated
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Posted byIntroWheels
Posted on11/30/05 12:23 PM

Hey guys, I am selling a set of wheels I have in my garage. They were on my truck for a couple of months but only about 200 miles. They are as follows:

Intro Ram 6 - ceramic clearcoated (6x5.5)

22 x 8.5 - 6.0" BS
22 x 10 - 7.5" BS

They will tuck on any 2wd 6-lug GM fullsize truck 99-06.

I am asking $2500 for the set of 4. I usually get about $3400 for the set of these, so this is an awesome deal if someone wants to jump on this.

I also have a set of Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires that will fit these, and I will throw these in for $700, mounted and balanced if someone wants them. The tires have about 200 miles as well and are the following sizes:


Here is a picture of the package:

AcrophobiA: The Fear of Heights

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