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Posted by97s10 4.3
Posted on9/20/05 01:03 AM

so you may have seen a thread i started in the audio forum about some EQs. i had just said early today, or maybe it was yesterday, that i wasnt getting one of the EQs and that i had filed a paypal fraud claim since the item hadnt arrived in 3 weeks and the seller had lost the tracking number.

well today ended the 10 day period in which the seller had to provide paypal a tracking number for proof of shipment. so my $160 was refunded to me today.

i just walked outside to take some trash out, and low and behold guess what arrived today with the mail in front of my doorstep. a nice beat brown box postmarked august 30th, today was sept 19th. what a joke.

three weeks to ship a light weight average sized box is a joke, ups or fedex ground, their lowest service available, still gets packages across the US within 5 business days. USPS... who knows how long it will take. also luckily he packaged the unit inside the original box, inside another box, as the box was trashed and smooshed upon arrival.

anyways lucky for the dude im an honest guy, i dont know how i could possibly rip him off on it and then have to look at the EQ in my car every day without feeling bad, so i sent him his money again.

moral of the story, use fedex or ups and dont lose your tracking numbers. also if you ever sell anything with paypal and its over $250 make sure you have signature confirmation, if someone does CC dispute, and you shipped $250+ item without signature confirmation, it doesnt matter if the tracking number says delivered, youll be screwed out of the cash.

Blake A.
2003 Black Magic Pearl 20th Anniversary GTI No.2295
1750wrms coming soon, no money left for mods :(

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