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Subject2500 3/4 swap to 1/2 1500 OBS Chevy truck
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Posted on5/10/05 09:03 AM

little help....going to buy and 2000 obs Chevy crew cab short bed non dually. I want to swap it to 1/2 1500 for the wheel options, not into the 8 lug wheel options, plus I think lowering options are better too. Anyone know if I can swap the control arms (do i have to do upper and lower, or just upper) and the spindle from a 1/2 ton? And in the rear can I swap the rear out of my 97 Tahoe 2wd.? Do I need to swap leaf springs too (I would guess so)... Planning on a static 4/6 or 5/7 drop with helper bags for towing.... Thanks for your help with my loooong questions..


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