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SubjectRelay wiring and such- HELP
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Posted by|-K|=K
Posted on2/1/06 09:55 AM

Ok... I think I have this figured out- but can someone double check me and tell me if this is right.

What I am doing is running a reverse polarity power window motor off two SPST pushbutton momentary switches. These having one in and one out- pos-constant in pos-switched out. This is a hommade (BY ME) diagram on paint that shows what I have planned to wire.

Instead of using a standard 5-pole power window switch which reverses polarity itself, I'm hoping this will do the same job all-together. I am also using an Autoloc 16channel remote system which will work the windows, the diagram shows this as well.

Someone has to be able to help out!


Russ-D over at SSM (electrical engineer) arleady helped me out.....

Here is my diagram modified by him if anyone would be interested in seeing it.

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