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Email  [email protected]
Name  clint albert
Total Posts  116
Occupation  sales
Hobbies  drag racing my truck, showing my trucks, going to nascar races
Location  nashville, tn
Bio  I have been into sport trucks since 1991 when I purchased my 90 c-1500. I have slowly fixed it up into a "Sport Truck Magazine" feature truck. It was in the November issue after 8 years of hard work & tons of money. I have put approx 170k miles on it as it was my daily driver until 1998 when I got married. I now only drive it when it is pretty outside & the weather is nice. I have a 1998 extra cab gmc fullsize that is my daily driver that is lowered with colorado customs. My wife drives a 01' Tahoe w/ 17" billet specialties & I am trying to talk her into letting me put bags on it so it will look & handle better. And now I am the proud owner of a 500hp (approx) 454 rat installed in my 90 c1500. Yes it runs like a jackrabbit. No words can describe the feeling of neverending torque!
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